Neti-Neti-Onomasiological Onerousness And E Pluribus Unum La Escallonia Adventitious Ad Infinitum Model

K N Prasanna Kumar, B S Kiranagi, C S Bagewadi


In knowledge, there are logical contradictions and a logical incompatibilities, divergential affirmation and dialectic transformation. Brahmn is not the universe, nor sky, nor senses, nor mind. By Brahman we understand the one agency that stimulates the human being in to action. Good. And Anti Brahman is a part of Brahman and this is the agency of stimulus response of individuals based on their Rajas and Tamás equilibrium or proportion of disequilibrium (Kind attention drawn to the author’s articles on the subject matter. And we have to recapitulate the bank example given wherein the conservativeness generalisationality do not abnegate or revoke applicability to the individual systems which are conservation or which might be unconservational,like in self transformational, system mutational, syllogistically disintegrational, configurationally changeable. Anti Brahman stimulates one to do bad things. All individual records of commission and omission of Gratification or deprivation to others are assumed to be recorded in Neuron DNA (in space). We will not repeat this explanation again and holds good for the entire monograph. Separate Papers are written (Free will and Destiny, Natures general Ledger, A Model for God etc.,) and bad. This depends on freewill and destiny. We have already defined freewill as the in discretionary usage of power be it financial embezzlement, pecuniary misappropriation or fiscal defalcation. The other person might have been desensitized for such actions and might have been taught by reference groups (See Merton) to take things in his “stride”. But our General Ledger of all actionable and actions accounts.

The General Ledger is the General Theory Of all actions of all individual human beings. It is also assumed that the reactionary potentiality depends on the genes (See Neurobiology by John Smith). This is a very important aspect not to be overlooked. Because Schrodinger’s equation is applicable to general system of the Universe, it does not mean its inapplicability to individual systems and the conservativeness and /or non conservativeness notwithstanding. In consideration to the fact that we have already built a model encompassing Brahman-Anti Brahman, Rajas-Tamás, we shall not include this in the model. Instead we take “Neti Neti concept” by its representation in the Schrodinger’s form (See Penrose on Schrödinger’s cat) and stimulus-response as the further constituents to tie up with the cosmic thread. One sentence about association need be said. Einstein said that matter is the one that gives rise to space time world lines. In our case human beings with their pen chance, predilections, proclivities, and propensities “svabhava” are responsible for the world lines of space time. The characteristics we have already stated depend on Rajas-Tamás-Sattva combination of the individual (all the three qualities are in the individual and in disequilibrium state, albeit we are not sure about the conservativeness of the states holistically. This we have codified in the General Ledger which is the General Theory of actions in the Universe. So we have the structure of space and time is determined by “Svabhava”. Like they say: “That area is not OK”. This is true of all characteristics, inertia, static, dynamic (Rajas, Tamás, Sattva means those words). These are most salient and perennial concepts that are to be remembered in the read of monograph.  This is ‘neti/ neti’ process, repeating which one becomes thoughtless. In jnana the entire world is illusory like a dream; only Brahmn is real- ‘Brahma satya jagat mithya.’ The world is neither unreal nor real. This means that reality is equivalent to unreality. Here let us go by the usual definition of “reality” and “unreality”. Unreality is pathological. Many philosophers like Constantine and Lester have said, it is schizophrenics who are suffering from the Truth. we shall marginalize the proposition in so fact as the study of monograph is concerned. This implies that Unreality is a part of reality. Further we assume that Objective reality and subjective experience are necessary to realize the Truth. Lest probably a courtesan would have become “enlightened” or a Professor had attained “Nirvikalpa Samadhi”. The world is mere projection of self. Jnana requires strong discriminating ability. Krishna says, “It is more difficult to realize the formless God than One with form”. We reiterate that formlessness is nothing but more than mere loss of style and substance and is well within space time. This is “subjective experience “most recruitment agency calls for. You can see without staring, and can hear without cupping your ears. Dealings with fellow people, bonhomie, and joie de vivre are the ones that could tackle a tricky situation involving a belligerent, cantankerous and recalcitrant person. Here the importance of zero is to be emphasized.” Experience “is nothing but the “experience” so assiduously and avidly asked by recruiter agencies while they recruit people. When they say that whether you know the proficiency in anagrammatism like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division And may be differentiation and integration, which a probationer does, but something more, a knack to deal with people, know them, adjustable temperament, which comes by subjective experience. Both “Objective Reality” and “Subjective Experience” are necessary for the determination of Truth. And Schrödinger and Wagner have said that Truth is always elusive. That we state in Model form. It is not “emptiness”, but “Nothing” which is zero. And this zero is the cancellation of two opposite terms or particle-antiparticle duality, and the zyphera that is written with so much of gusto and aplomb in every equation.

An equation equivalent to zero means that all the constituents cancel out each other in some form. We shall for our purpose choose one permutation and combination. It is to be mentioned in this connection that waking state is one of the three states of dream state and dreamless state and space time is only projection on the screen of consciousness (which we have defined as collection of all knowledge –individuals-his peer group references, belief systems etc., including visual representations, with anagrammatic mind acting on its to fabricate concoct realistic, consistent, surrealistic, unreal dreams and actual “thinking”. Like a movie being watched. Mind doth act upon it and weaves a web like a spider. Lastly we state that “association’ is the part and parcel of space and time and once taught. The “association” fails to leave you. Even eminent scientists fall prey for this defending their theories till the end instead of applying their minds to the twists their own theories have taken. This statement is made in a dispassionate manner of witness consciousness and not participatory consciousness. When over thinking about association takes place in the spatio temporal actualization of events it becomes pathological. Be it love, murder, mayhem, we have various psychiatric cases. And we want to “renormalize them”. So there is reality, surrealism, unreality, inconsistencies, contradictions in the waking state, dream state-note you experience in dream state also- and dreamless state.)

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