Quantum Cosmology, Space-Time Structures, Covariance, The Problem of Time And The Anomaly Issue, Et Al: Gestalt Gesamtkunstwerk-Sonderforschungsbereich-Forschungsgemeinschaft Models

K.N.P. Kumar, B.S. Kiranagi, S.K.Narasimha Murthy, Gnanendra Prabhu


Concatenation equational representative and constitutive systemic analysis, attribution and assignment of various functions, stochastic representations, functionalities’ of duality are all studied in the forthcoming series, which is eschewed because of spatial constraints. Schematic representation of the paper is elucidated and explored as follows:SECTION ONE: Modifications Of The Parameters Of Particle Physics And Cosmology, Space-Time Structures, Covariance, Etal. Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala-Adequatio Intellectus Et Rei ModelSECTION TWO: Asymptotically Anti-De Sitter (Ads) Backgrounds With Negative Energy, Ads/CFT Conjecture, Confinement In Gauge Theory Et Al.: A Una Hirundo Non Facit Ver- Unus Multorum ModelSECTION THREE: Quantum Computing, Relativistic Quantum Information, Hawking Radiation And The Unruh Effect Et Al.: A Nemo Saltat Sobrius- Nil Desperandum ModelSECTION FOUR: Predicted Mass Of The Quantum Vacuum, Loop Quantum Gravity, Gauge-Gravity Duality, Et Al. : A Unus Papa Romae, Unus Portus Anconae, Una Turris Cremonae, Una Ceres Raconae ModelSECTION FIVE: Non-Local Phenomena, Black Hole And Spaghettification, Naked Singularities, Entanglement Et Al.: A Verba Ita Sunt Intelligenda Ut Res Magis Valeat Quam Pereat ModelSECTION SIX: Fundamental Structure Of Spacetime, Quantum Entanglement, Hidden Dark Matter, Warm Dark Matter Scenario, Et Al.: A Ratio Decidendi- Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum ModelSECTION SEVEN: Brans-Dicke-BSBM Theory, Warm Dark Matter Scenario, Tremaine-Gunn Bound On Dark-Matter Phase Space Density Et Al. : A Fortiori Veritas Omnia Vincit- Veritas Odit Moras ModelSECTION EIGHT: Concentric Circles In WMAP Data, Pre-Big-Bang Activity, Membranes In Parallel Universes, Inflationary Cosmology: A Omnia In Mensura Et Numero Et Pondere Disposuisti ModelSECTION NINE: Damped Lyman Alpha Systems, Redshift Distortions, Atomic Clouds, Bias Factor, Etal.: A Victoria Concordia Cresc- Via, Veritas, Vita Veritas Omnia Vincit ModelSECTION TEN: Generalized BSBM, Brans-Dicke Cosmological Models, Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC), Fine Structure Constant Variation, Et Al.: A Natura Valde Simplex Est Et Sibi Consona- Natura Non Facit Saltum ModelSECTION ELEVEN: Superfields, Gauge Fields And Bosonic And Fermionic Anti Ghost Fields Of The Theory, Anti BRST Symmetry Transformations Etal. : A Alis Grave Nil-Amicus Plato, Sed Magis Amica Veritas ModelSECTION TWELVE: Anti BRST Symmetry, Curci-Ferrari Type Restriction, CF Type Conditions, 3-Form Abelian Theory ,Et Al.: A Fortiori -A Pedibus Usque Ad Caput- Ab Aeterno- A Capite Ad Calcem ModelSECTION THIRTEEN: Ricci Curvature Tensor, Euclidean N-Space, Raychaudhuri Equation, Etal. : Alis Grave Nil-Amicus Plato, Sed Magis Amica Veritas -Aurea Mediocritas -Aurora Musis Amica ModelSECTION FOURTEEN: Expansion Scalar Measures The Fractional Rate, Evolution Equation For The Expansion Of The Timelike Congruence, Time As Measured By A Central Comoving Observer Shear Tensor, Etal. : A Beatus Homo Qui Invenit Sapientiam-Bona Officia ModelSECTION FIFTEEN: Basic Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Axis , Biochemical Pathways, Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, HPA-Axis’ Stress-Response Cascade Via Feedback Inhibition,: A Boni Pastoris Est Tondere Pecus Non Deglubere ModelSECTION SIXTEEN: Feynman action–amplitude formalism ,inertial crowd dynamics and its dissipative kinematics , entropic crowd manifold and crowd turbulence et al

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