Studies In Econopsychophysics: Multiple Realisability, Identity Theory, And The Gradual Reorganization Principle, Gravity, Quantum Information, Black Scholes Theory, And Other Topics: Einzelsprachlich: One Herd

K.N.P. Kumar, B.S. Kiranagi, J.S. Sadananda, B.J. Gireesha


Consideration to traditional notions of space and time as unifying forms imposed by the subject is a phenomenon that had had ramifications of bewildering flux of ideas and tentative thought provoking questions. Pure difference is non-spatio-temporal; it is an idea, what Deleuze calls "the virtual". Absorbing, alluring, appealing, beguiling, captivating, compelling, cultivated- discerning, assumption-axiom, base, canon-cause, criterion-exigent formula, fundamental generalization , ground- guide, maxim-origin, postulate precept, principium, proposal-proposition, reason- regulation, rule- source, theorem- truth stirring, thought-provoking. (The coinage refers to Proust's definition of what is constant in both the past and the present: aboveboard, actual, artless, bona fide, candid fooling trustworthy, twenty-four carat, unaffected, undesigning, undissembled, unfeigned, unpretentious, up-front, wholehearted "real without being actual, ideal without being abstract. While Deleuze's virtual ideas superficially resemble Plato’s forms and Kant's ideas of pure reason, they are neither originals nor models, nor do they transcend possible experience; instead they are the conditions of actual experience, metempsychosis, regeneration, reincarnation, rejuvenation, renaissance, renewal, resurrection, revivification of the internal difference in it. "The concept they [the conditions] form is identical to its object." A Deleuzean idea or concept of difference is therefore not a wraith-like abstraction of an experienced thing, it is a real system of differential relations that creates actual spaces, times, and sensations... Such a help for people in need help you wash away all sins perpetrated for it is with servicemen shall be able to obliterate and obfuscate sins. Remember a minister shining shoes at Delhi temple is a exemplar absorbing, affecting, alluring, amusing, arrestingly attractive, beautiful, captivating, charismatic, compelling, curious, delightful, elegant, enchantingly engaging, engrossingly enthralling, entrancingly exceptional, exotic, fascinating, fine, graciously gripping ,impressively intriguing, pleasurably prepossessing, provocative, readable, refreshing, riveting, stimulatingly stirring, , thought-provoking, unusual, winning illustration. Transcendental empiricism, transcendental idealism, experience address, adjuration, application, imploration, importunity, invocation, overture, solicitation, supplication only makes sense when organized by forms of sensibility (namely, space and time) and intellectual categories (such as causality). Assuming the content of these forms and categories to be qualities of the world as it exists independently of our perceptual access, according to Kant, spawns seductive but senseless metaphysical beliefs (for example, extending the concept of causality beyond possible experience results in unverifiable speculation about a first cause).Deleuze inverts the Kantian arrangement: experience exceeds our concepts by presenting novelty, and this raw experience of difference actualizes an idea, unfettered by our prior categories, forcing us to invent new ways of thinking (see below, Epistemology) Which Address, adjure, advance, apply, , beseech, , entreat, hit on, implore, importune, petition, plead, urge transcendental empiricism and idealism in many a philosophical theories. Singularities of the various philosophical works escapes and all that often remains is the critical discourse itself, reassured of its methodological approach and able to reassert its foundational principles. Aestheticism remains a troubled term diacritic, diagnostic; discrete in current parlance it already comes loaded with the baggage of the ‘philistine controversy’ which first emerged in an exchange emblematic- especial, essentially exclusive in its thematic and discursive form. Hegel was the precursor, proponent, primogeniture, and progenitor of the idea that philosophy of mind begins with the consideration of the individual, or subjective, mind. It is soon perceived, however, that individual, or subjective, mind is only the first stage, the in-itself stage, of mind. The next stage is objective mind, or mind objectified in law, morality, and the State. This is mind in the condition of out-of-itself. There follows the condition of absolute mind, the state in which mind rises above all the limitations of nature and institutions, and is subjected to itself alone in art, religion, and philosophy, for the essence of mind is freedom, and its development must consist in breaking away from the restrictions imposed on it in it otherness by nature and human institutions. We give a concatenated model of the factors that are explained above in the mathematical model what with elements of Schrödinger’s equation, Option Prices, Multi equilibria, some nuggets from Hawking’s and Penrose’s Nature of space and time, Black Scholes theory, Options, Neuroscientific theories in the behavioural pattern of circumspection and jurisprudence and discretion, Dark Energy sewed and weaved in the diaspora. Lancan formidably posits his ideas with much dexterity and exceptional- exemplary, magnificent- meritorious , sterling- striking with a sense of astute truculence, contrary- contrasting, diverse- incommensurable, discrepant- disparate (1) a (pre-) ontology of the subject arrived at via the elaboration and refinement of Freud's theories, which he submits to a logical and finicky, fussy- individualizing mathematical formalization, in order to ensure their pertinence and transmissibility; (2) an epistemology in which psychoanalysis operates as a reflective link repo-sitioning the humanities and hard sciences, a repositioning that results in an ethics of singularity itself raisin g questions whether we are living in a singularity itself Lacan's theory, replaces Freud's ego agency. Its contents are the 'signifieds', that is significations and representations produced by the ego processes of identification and projection on the objects of the world. As such, it is always built between two poles, the ego itself and its mirror-image, the other (little ?). The imaginary order is in charge of actualizing repression powerful, preeminent, and prominent; it has to be assimilated to what has been known before psychoanalysis as 'reality', which is grasped by Lacan as an imaginary construct. Hence, imaginary reality has to be differentiated in principle from the Real, which is the locus of meaning and truth as opposed to significations belonging to and consisting in the imaginary order. The imaginary order is subordinated to the Symbolic order, the Other (capital O-See Deleuze), by an absolute determinism: the chain of signifiers is the determinant that will organise the significance and representations carried by the imaginary order. Early on, Lacan defined the orders as mathematical sets. The imaginary order would be the set comprising all the representations of an individual as he or she shares them with his or her group, community, ethnicity, nation, etc. As such, the imaginary order defines a subject's particularity, through which he identifies himself as part of a immanent- implicit, distinctive- elementary group. Abstraction- generalization, sweeping statement, blanket universality, conjecture- deducement, ratiocinational conclusion of all the foregoing ideas and those mentioned in the section wise preferences is what is presented here both literally and mathematically. Dead man does not see. It is consciousness that does the work of all sensory organs. Consciousness of universe is the beginning and loss of consciousness is the end. Notwithstanding what is said in the foregoing, information is not at all lost as the information is contained in a burnt papers. It shall remain and act as an initial balance, for the reincarnated form. It is to be noted that the discretionary powers given to human beings are limited and this is “Karma’ .This is the indiscretion that Wall Street people did. It is indiscretion. It is Uncircumspection. Brahman –AntiBrahman agency gives predetermined choices to individuals (you can interpret the cosmic analogue as lesser gods and antigods) thus limiting the very actions to be performed and thus leading to predetermined actions. If certain axiomatic predications, postulation alcovishness, assumption-axiom, canon-cause, criterion-exigent formula, foundation, fundamental generalization , ground- guide, maxim-origin, postulate precept, principium, proposal-proposition, reason- regulation, rule- source, theorem- truth holds for the Universe, then it must also be interconnected. Spatio temporal actualization itself is a chimera. It happens only when one is alive. Presence of matter means consciousness existence itself. (Please see earlier papers). Parametric representationalitiesof modules are variant for each module and we have presented in piecemeal for the inexorable impossibility of typing of thousands of super/sub scripts’ and the concomitant concatenation problems. Intention however remains the same towards the consummation of TOE. I beg of the erudite reader to pardon me on this count.

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